Want to run your life on clean energy?

Want to run your life on clean energy?

Want to run your life on clean energy?Want to run your life on clean energy?Want to run your life on clean energy?

Electrifying your home and your car are the keys.

How to do that? Lots of info here and in the group linked below.

Basics of Electrify Everything

How to electrify your house and car.

How heat pumps work and residential options

Moving heat vs making heat; Air source vs ground source; Standard vs mini split

Do heat pumps cost more than furnaces?

The answer? It depends.

But in the case of these two very similar houses, the electric one is cheaper to run.

Electrification case studies & further info

Hiram College Tree House

Hiram College Tree House deep energy retrofit

This home was converted into the Hiram College Environmental Studies department.

Lots of lessons learned, and a nice place to write a book (much of The Home Comfort Book was written here.)

1918 House of the Future


This home had the furnace removed and replaced with a heat pump. 

It's a century home in Cleveland Ohio. That's not supposed to be possible...

1900 House of the Future


Paul moved back to his old neighborhood in Cleveland and wanted a comfy home with low operating costs. 

This is the story of making his home have "womb-like comfort."

Habitat Electrification


Think you can't do an electrification on a budget? Think again.

Donated materials and labor help a lot!

HVAC 2.0


We're developing an HVAC contractor network that looks at your house holistically, and isn't afraid of electrification.

It's just getting started, but keep an eye on it!

Get Educated


To get comfortable with electrification, it's helpful to understand how your house and its HVAC work. 

4 of 6 chapters of The Home Comfort Book are free here.



Want to go down the electrification rabbit hole?

Lots of studies, case studies, articles, and more here.